Harumi Maejima, Owner & Director

C-IAYT, E-500 RYT, YACEP, Certified Masterclass Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Phoenix Rising School of Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher and Mentor

Harumi founded the HarumiYoga+ Holistic Healing and Meditation Center in 2012 in North Scottsdale, Arizona.  Her mission is to focus on the body-mind connection, promote healthy living and inspire students.

Background and Teaching Philosophy

Harumi integrates her intensive experience in the traditions of the Kripalu School of Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Prana Flow, Yin Yoga and various styles of Meditation into her teaching. In her classes, Harumi combines these practices with further insights gained during world-wide trainings. She studied meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh, Bhante Sujatha, Joan Halifax, Roshi,  Jokai Blackwell Sensei and Tenshin Roshi (both of the Yokoji Meditation Center).

The Center

The studio welcomes all races, religions, countries of origins, sexual orientations, genders, body types and shapes!  HarumiYoga+ offers a diverse roster of teachers and holistic professionals, along with a unique variety of classes, workshops and retreats. Harumi creates an atmosphere like no other, clearly reflecting her philosophy of inclusiveness, opportunity, connectivity, compassion and healing. Offerings go beyond yoga basics (although that is certainly available), and the center is truly an oasis of acceptance and peace, reflecting the belief that, regardless of age or level, everyone is welcome to enter, to learn, to grow and to heal.


Harumi resides in Arizona but also spends time in Japan, visiting family while also teaching and mentoring. Harumi is active in the Japanese Culture Club of Arizona, the Phoenix-based non-profit organization.  Her hobbies include travel, hiking, Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arranging and performing Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

Harumi Yoga