“Over 10 years ago I ‘found’ Harumi’s studio. It offers something for everyone whether it be yoga, sound healing, book discussion groups or workshops of various disciplines. There is always an activity I am drawn to which is why I have returned many times over the years.” – CB

“Harumi’s gentle guiding of mind and body has been instrumental to my good health.  Her unique community of professionals have been an asset.  Harumi’s inclusive teachings have shown me that there is no limit to the positive in us and around us.  The unique, beautiful studio has been a true blessing in my life.” – RB

“Recently I scheduled a semi-private and took my grandsons. In Harumi’s unique and special way, she taught things that words might fail to teach.  The time was priceless!” – RB

“Harumi has created an amazing space with a diverse range of instructors and guides.  The studio has an outstanding community of practitioners who are open and supportive.  This is a special, rare gem tucked in near Pinnacle Peak in North Scottsdale.” – MF

“My wife and I have been students of Harumi’s for over 6 years. Our favorite class is her Saturday Yin and Zen session. Harumi is not just a patient, knowledgeable, and caring instructor who believes passionately in what she teaches and wants all her students to achieve their personal goals. Yes, she is all that—but she also has a unique gift for drawing community to herself. To join Harumi Yoga is much more than to attend classes . . . it is to become part of a learning and healing community that nurtures all its members.

We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.” – PS

“I discovered Harumi’s studio when we moved to Scottsdale in the height of Covid. Her Zoom classes were a lifeline to me, allowing me to become connected and ultimately meet the community in person when protocols allowed.  Now, as soon as I walk into the studio, I feel a sense of calmness and serenity. Whatever the work challenge that day, the yoga allows me stretch, relax and enjoy the companionship of the group.” – HR