What are your payment and cancellation policies?


*Reduced rates are available upon request for full-time resident (with ID), seniors (over 65). Please ask harumiyoga@me.com Class series do not expire during pandemic, 2020-2021. No transfers or refunds on memberships or class series. We accept

What are your payment and cancellation policies?2022-01-25T20:55:28+00:00

What are your prices?


Private Yoga Session: $135 / 60 minutes, for additional person $25 each. One-on-One Clinical Yoga Therapy with Harumi: $160 / 60 minutes, (Please allow 75 minuets for the first session). One-on-One Yoga for people with Perkinson’s Disease: $135 / 60

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What are your Covid protocols?


Please follow below guidelines to help us to stay safe for all of us! 1. Registration required. 2. Stay home if you feel sick. 3. Bring your own mat and props. (There is no rental

What are your Covid protocols?2022-01-25T20:54:41+00:00
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