Angel Intuitive Healer

Terese Shanley, RN, BSN, Intuitive Healer, Angel Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher.

She who has had a long life in wellness and healing but it was not until the year 2000 that her spiritual unfolding began out of her own personal journey.
She began teaching yoga and meditation in 2005 and taught for over 10 years. She then began immersing herself into training after training to help people heal from the inside out using Energy Medicine, Soul Coaching, Essential Oils, Angel Therapy and Angel Card Readings. Enjoying her spiritual practice of meditation and prayer everyday, Terese’s spiritual gifts began to unfold. She then began to be able to do intuitive readings helping people to navigate their life with comfort , clarity and ease. She became the Author of her first Angel Card Deck HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER and GUIDANCE DECK in 2018.
Terese’s mission of being a clear channel of love, healing and guidance has lead her to where she is now in Scottsdale, Arizona; serving the greater good, helping to love, heal, serve and guide.