Troy Vernon

i-Stretch 4 Golf, Certified Neuro-Muscular Manual Stretch Therapist

His method is a full body, partner assisted, proprietary stretching sequence, that identifies and isolates tight or tense muscles, while re-activating, re-storing and re-balancing the body’s Neuro-Muscular Pathway.  By obtaining flexibility you can reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve pain, accelerate recovery, and allow you to function at a higher level at every task of your daily life.

i-Stretch 4 Golf allows greater range of motion and muscular flexibility especially in hips, lower back and shoulders. When proper body alignment and increased flexibility are reached, an increase driving distance and rapid recovery after exercise will be expected in your golf game.

Troy has been in the natural wellness field and lives the lifestyle for over 25 years. Call for availability and more information, please contact Troy, 602-639-1432.