Yuho Hayashi

Ph.D in Cancer Biology, L.Ac, National board-certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl.OM)

National board-certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (Dipl.OM), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Cancer Biology

Yuho practices a gentle Japanese (“Core Therapy”)-style acupuncture with distal balance methods, achieving near instant pain relief in 70-80% of her patients. Top 10 commonly treated conditions are: acute/chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder/joint pain, other pain/cramping/spasms (shingles etc), headache/migraine, fatigue/anxiety/depression, sleep issues, digestive issues, women’s health issues, side effects of cancer treatment.

Available for acupuncture treatment, cupping, and herbal consultation on Mondays, Thursdays and Wednesdays. Contact Yuho at 480-779-8695 or info@apacupunctureclinic.com. For more info, visit www.apacupunctureclinic.com.