Meditation Instruction for Private and Group/Corporation with Harumi

Come to see Harumi, If you are saying that “I can’t meditate” because…

  • I can’t clear my mind—no worries, while you’re sitting there, you’ll experience the noisy chaos of a wound-up mind that’s unwinding: tons of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 
  • I can’t sit still—that’s OK, Harumi will guide you to sit comfortably; we can find out until you sit comfortably, use chairs and different cushions, and more.
  • I get anxious—At the first everyone gets to anxious, Harumi will guide you how to breath and more.
  • I tried and I don’t like it—there’s not just one kind of meditation, there’s a whole menu out there; look for the shoe that fits for you.

About Harumi: Born in Osaka, Japan,  I followed a unique path of my personal discovery throughout my life. After I received a degree in Japan, and then, as an exchange student in the United States.  Afterward, she began a 15-year tenure at the Diplomatic Office of the Japanese Consulate in Boston. However, during these work years there, the high pressure of  job responsibilities compelled to begin a search for methods to combat mental and physical stress, leading to visit first yoga and meditation classes. The physical and mental practice of yoga & meditation soon led to further inquiry into its spiritual applications, and it was this wider view of ability to address the “whole person” 

Harumi combines these practices with further insights gained during world-wide trainings.  She traveled world attending Buddhist temples in Asia and US. She studied meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh, Bhante Sujatha, Joan Halifax Roshi,  Jokai Blackwell Sensei and Tenshin Roshi.

Please send email to or call 480-768-7570.