Dawn Budetto

Reiki Master Teacher , Yoga Teacher (200 RYT), Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner

Dawn Budetto has practiced Reiki for over 20 years, as well as yoga for over 35 years, finding both to integrate mind, body and spiritual wholeness. She has experienced Reiki to be a powerful path to wellness that illuminates the heart, restores the mind, body and soul, and strives to ignite this light in her clients.

Clients remain fully clothed with only shoes removed and lay comfortably on a massage table, in a peaceful environment with soothing music. Energy is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner, allowing Reiki energy to flow through to any place needing restoration. Clients may feel a mild sensation of warmth, a quieting of the mind, and an overall deep feeling of peace and relaxation. Every session is unique and can vary from person to person. Please call 484-888-6832 for more information and appointment.