Kaizen Healthy Aging Seminar

Kaizen means Change for Better in Japanese.
Focus on spine or healthy aging  as part of Kaizen healthy aging seminars and Retreat in the Healthy Aging.

Focus on mindful movement and spine health. Harumi and Cheri individually have extensive backgrounds and experience working with individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being.  As Kaizen team, Harumi and Cheri  provide powerful guidance to individuals desiring healthy aging though education and mindful movement.
Learn why mindful  movement is important to spine health as we age from physical therapy professor Cheri. Harumi will support you through a mindful experience of your own mind-body connection with movement and yoga postures.
Two hour seminar and day retreats offered. Programming is uniquely developed for clients needs around the 6 pillars. Programming available at Harumi Yoga+ in North Scottsdale or at your organization.
Additional information: Contact Harumi at 480-768-7570

About Dr. Cheri Hodges

Cheri is a doctor in Physical Therapy, educator and clinician. She enjoys sharing her expertise in teaching as a professor at A.T. Still University and working with clients individually to achieve their optimum performance in life activities.
phone: 480-849-2437

About Harumi Maejima

Harumi Maejima founded HarumiYoga+ Holistic Healing and Meditation Center in 2009. She was born and raised in Japan and came to the US when she was 22 years old. Harumi succeeded in attaining the highest proficiency level granted by Yoga Alliance, E-500RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), and also certified Yoga Therapist, as well as completed Mindfulness Meditation Teacher certification in 2 years program with the  Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley.
phone: 480-768-7570